Why elopements rock!

The perception of elopement style weddings has changed massively in the last decade. It’s no longer a word relegated to teens sneaking out in the middle of the night. It can mean two peoples in loving getting married with a small group on a serene mountain top or whatever you want it to mean. There are many reasons an elopement might be right for you, here are my top ones.


Elopements offer an unprecedented amount of freedom in planning and style. Elopements aren’t bound by the expectation of tradition and allow you to get married however is important to you. Since they involve less people you can try more unique or expensive things for your wedding. Married on a mountain? Elopement! Married on a cruise? Elopement! The sky’s the limit when it comes to where you can elope. If those who matter most are up to it, go for it. You can even try something crazy with your most adventurous friends and family and have a small reception for everyone else.

Do you want to have themed wedding? Maybe try an elopement. Do you want to make a short film from your wedding? Talk to us about an elopement. You really can do anything when you throw elopement in front of it.

2. Cost

This one is pretty obvious; less people = less cost. When you don’t have to feed, provide seating for, and invite hundreds of guests, you can spend more time and money on what’s important to you.

3. Simplicity

There’s just a lot less to worry about with smaller wedding. It takes a lot of stress off when you have less to plan. It allows us as photographers to spend more time on getting great photo/video and less on making sure everything is on schedule.

We really love doing elopements and really try to work out whatever is best for your big day. I understand that a small wedding isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth considering. Especially if you want to try something adventurous!

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