Why are wedding photographers so expensive?

Weddings can be a very expensive undertaking and photographers are one of the bigger items you must pay for. I know things can seem a bit inflated, but I want to provide a fuller picture of what your money is going towards.

1. Time

When you pay a photographer, it can seem like a lot of money for a single day of work. That’s because it’s actually several weeks of work that you’re paying for. The photographer must plan for the wedding and edit the photos/video after. This ends up being a few weeks of work by the time your event is done.

2. Insurance

Most venues require that wedding photographers have insurance coverage this means that to continue doing weddings we have to shoulder this expense. Photographers also must insure their gear for any accidents. Insurance is distributed over all weddings as a price of doing business.

3. Storage

Most photographers will store your photos for a year or more, just in case something happens to your copy. The cost of onsite and offsite backup can add up quickly. We have around 40tbs of storage at anyone time.

4. Expertise/Passion

As photographers we are constantly honing are skills and trying to learn unique ways to tell stories. We also have the experience to problem solve and deal with unique situations on the spot. Such as backlight, dark spaces, and so on. We want to make the best art that we can muster, it’s hard to put a price on the years of research and experience that is obtained to accomplish this.

5. Advertising

One of the annoying realities of being in artist in the 21st century is having to be a marketer. It doesn’t matter how good my work is if no one will see it. We must spend some of the money we make on getting our work out there to bring in new clients in the future. We also spend lots of our time on maintaining our advertising.

6. Equipment

The equipment we use to capture a wedding day is very expensive, sometimes things need to be replaced or upgraded and that is just a cost of doing business.

We know it can seem very expensive to hire a photographer, but we are never trying to take advantage of you. In our first full year we we’re paid a gross income of $60,000, but we had take-home pay of $7,000. It costs a lot of money to maintain this business, and that’s just the reality of it.

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