Should I hire different people for photo and video for my wedding?

Short Answer: Nah

Many photographers are now offering hybrid coverage. If done well this coverage can have huge benefits, but as with everything there are pros and cons.

Pros of hybrid coverage:

1. Cost

It can be considerably cheaper for a plethora of reasons. You only need to hire one team of one to two people instead of hiring two teams totaling four or more. Multiple teams will have more administrative costs, such as insurance, office hours, and so on. We have an article explaining the cost of photography.

2. Crowding

With multiple teams things can become a bit crowded; at times it can feel like you’re being followed by the paparazzi. We try to blend in as best we can, which gets more complicated with four people.

3. Closeness

We try to become friends with our couples, we want to feel like another guest to the couple. This gets more complicated with more people running around.

4. Simplicity

You have a lot to think about when it comes to planning. Finding a photographer is difficult enough; it’s even worse when you have to find someone for video as well. It’s also easier for our team because we always work together and know how to stay out of each other’s way.

5. Coverage

This may seem like something that would be a con, but there are many ways you get better coverage. I have had many photos ruined by videographer stepping in front, and the same for video. When I’m working, I try to find the best angles and most creative ways to capture the day, since I’m doing photo and video that mental effort is working to benefit both. Also, having a more discrete camera set up means I’m able to stand places a large camera would be obtuse.

Cons of hybrid coverage:

1. Redundancy

It can be a nice piece of mind knowing that you will definitely have some sort of coverage for such an important day. If something happens to your photographer that prevents you from getting the photos, at least you have the video of the day.

2. Style

You may like a photographer’s style of photography but aren’t interested in their video style. In that case you may need to find a videographer who better suits your style. Or you may find a photographer you adore, but they don’t do video.

3. Fancy Coverage

If you want someone who uses more equipment, such as drones, gimbals, and so on, you may need to hire second crew. Some hybrid teams do have ways of using this equipment and I would inquire if you’re interested in that.

I hope these pros and cons help you understand whether you need a separate photographer and videographer. I personally believe the benefits out way the cons, but that is up to your needs. You can always ask a hybrid team about adding a third person to remove some of the cons. We personally like when we get to bring along a third shooter. You can read our post about how many photographers to hire for more info.

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